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jur·ne:\ˈjər-nē\ (like journey)



This Bible study is an opportunity for the students to connect during the week and refocus their thoughts on Christ. The students are able to hear a Biblical teaching and participate in group discussions as they grow closer to the LORD.


During the summer, the students meet designated Sunday afternoons from 2 pm-4 pm at the church to play different recreational games. This can include anything from board games inside to dodgeball, volleyball, basketball and more outdoors. A group devotional is included each time to connect the purpose of fun with the focus on Christ.

During the fall and spring, the students meet the first Sunday of the month (unless otherwise noted). Please feel free to view the upcoming events to see when the next activity will occur.


Every year the students participate in a week-long camp that focuses on growing their faith, while creating community. 


A weekend in the spring focused on creating disciples through teaching, games, and worship. The main purpose is to dive deeper into God's truth and grow on the principles He has set forth. 

CHOIR/praise band

Students are invited to participate in the church choir. They will be lead to sing songs devoted to worshiping the LORD and using the talents provided to lift Him in glory. Choir practice occurs at 5:00 pm Sunday evenings prior to evening worship and includes 2 performance events at Easter and Christmas.